Our History

Few businesses can trace their history back to the early 18th Century. Ours is a record of local success, amalgamation and growth that continues to this day. We are proud of our past but, rather than dwell on it, we offer our past as evidence that we are a forward-thinking, evolving business and have been for almost 300 years.

18th Century

1725 – Firm founded by attorney Thomas Raisbeck, who later becomes mayor of Stockton-on-Tees
1765 – Succeeded by son John Stapylton Raisbeck, also becoming mayor of Stockton-on-Tees
1793 – John Stapylton Raisbeck succeeded by his son Leonard Raisbeck

19th Century

1812 – Leonard Raisbeck involved in the development of the Stockton and Darlington railway
1830 – William Wetherall founded Barugh and Wilkinson
1840 – Leonard Raisbeck retired and the business taken over by George Newby
1870 – William Wetherall succeeded by Arthur Buchanan
1860 – George Newby son ran firm (and later by Mr Robson and his son)
1890 – Arthur Buchanan succeeded by William Richardson

20th Century

1920 – Bernard Wilkinson joined Barugh and Wilkinson
1930 – Amalgamated with Wilson, Ormesby and Cadle to form Newby, Robson and Cadle
1940 – Bernard Wilkinson succeeded by two sons, Frank and Bill
1965 – Firm took over Beckwith and Spark. John Pacey succeeded father Freddy Pacey
1970 – Newby, Robson and Cadle merged with established practice Barugh and Wilkinson
1977 – Senior Partner Stephen Bosomworth joined the firm
1985 – Firm branded as Newbys, with offices in Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough and Guisborough
1988 – Frank Wilkinson succeeded by son and current partner David Wilkinson
1991 – Firm took over Thomas Bingham and Spark
1993 – Andrew Bingham joins the firm

21st Century

2001 – Relocated Middlesbrough offices to Borough Road
2011 – Newbys merged with Linthorpe-based Craig and Co (incorporating Thomas Wilkinson)
2015 – Relocated Guisborough offices to Westgate
2017 – Senior Partner Stephen Bosomworth retained as consultant
2017 – Andrew Bingham appointed as Partner
2017 – Martin Harbron appointed as Partner
2021 – Consultant Stephen Bosomworth retires
2021 – Karrar Al-Faham joins the firm

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