Debt Recovery

Ensure cash flows through your business with our advice on credit control and appropriate non-payment action.

Debt recovery made clear

We all accept that cashflow can make or break a business. We all encounter slow payers, non-payers or disputed debts from time to time. Knowing what to do about them, however, can require some expert advice. Acting for you we can advise you and even keep the pressure on debtors for you to help secure the earliest possible payment.

Why outsource your debt recovery?

You might benefit from distancing your staff from debt-recovery issues so that they can continue to work with customers on an amicable basis. We are experienced in dealing with problem customers and are able to approach the issue objectively. It might be worth considering which customers pay more quickly if pressure is applied and only outsource your old debts to us. Whatever your situation we’ll work with you to agree a plan that you feel comfortable with but is also commercially led.

How will we do it?

We are trained to overcome objections and resolve disputes efficiently, using all reasonable methods of persuasion to make sure that you get the maximum return. Where we differ from non-solicitor debt recovery agencies, however, is that if things do have to go to court, we have the expertise to work with you at every stage of the process. We can advise on all forms of enforcement including instructing bailiffs, securing your judgment against property and other forms of recovering money.

What will it cost?

Often issuing a solicitors letter does the trick on its own. We can do this for £25(+VAT). If it goes further than this we’ll advise you at the start whether the likely cost of recovering the debt makes it financially worthwhile proceeding. If, down the line, there are any court and legal fees involved in legal action we will ensure that you claim your full entitlement back under the court rules.

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